Friday, July 22, 2011

Complete Campaign - Lessons Learned Along the Way, Part 3

After finishing up the first campaign that I’ve intentionally completed, I have contemplated the lessons learned. This was the most character driven and story intensive game I had ever run. In this short series I’ll be sharing a few examples from the Solo Ravenloft campaign. Hopefully you’ll end up inspired to try something different for your next campaign.

Random Awesome!

Since this was very much a sandbox campaign, I wanted the player to feel like he could take his character anywhere in the Ravenloft domains to accomplish his goals. This meant that there were times when he drifted off in a direct I did not expect. Rather than panic, I employed a series of automated and random tools to help me keep the game going. I would record the results from the random generators for later use and to keep things consistant if the player chose to send his character back to those places at a later time. Here I will review the sites that I found so helpful during that game.