Friday, September 24, 2010

The Chained Realms

Last night's Game Creation Workshop focused on creating a new, unique setting. Next session will focus on game mechanics. Here are the basic notes that I took last night:


Pre-Steam Punk, Alchemists/Da Vinci Tech, Alternate History, Start of the Age of Enlightenment, Low Magic Level


After the destruction of the ancient planet, clusters of asteroids float in Ether-space. Many are chained together to form Feudal-Style City States.

5 Hero Paths

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fun, Fundamental, Functional, Flexible, Fast - The 5 F’s of Preparing Great Adventures

The following is a set of ideas to help any Game Master design fast, fun and functional adventures. Following through with these concepts will give you a flexible and fundamentally sound module.  At the end of this article you will find a list of resources to help you create your own awesome adventures.


Your players want an interactive world that they can enjoy. If you’re busy railroading your players through a tightly planned adventure with no side path, they will know it. When your players want to wander off and follow up on some red herring, let them go for it. They found that red herring more interesting and you should give your players what they are interested in.

Your players want to go into the sewers and you hadn’t done any work on them yet? You can’t give it to them unless you are able to hold ideas lightly and take cues from your players. Don’t shoot down their ideas, follow through on them. That can be difficult though if your modules aren’t flexible and fast.


Simple means you can customize it later. You can toss in ideas that flutter into your brain or details that fit your campaign. Sticking to the basics for your adventure means that you end up with a small, light weight document. Small means you can throw it in whenever you want because you can play it in a single session.  Sticking to the fundamentals also means that you end up with an adventure that is perfect for one-offs or classic style campaigns.

FunctionalClean design means that you can quickly find the information you need. Don’t clutter up the page with a myriad of details. Make the most important information take center stage by leaving out the unnecessary stuff. You need the basics, the skeleton of the adventure planned out to run a smooth game.